Transform your looks and combine this with a holiday in a destination you dream about: Greece!

Hair transplants in GreeceLooks are important to all of us and can boost our confidence or make us feel self conscious and stressed. Alopecia could be one of these conditions which can affect  one’s self-esteem level  quite a lot. Here is your chance to radically transform your looks in the most relaxing manner: on holiday to Greece!

We work with hair transplant specialists in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki so combining your hair transplant with a city break with a difference isn’t an issue! You can enjoy the best of both worlds and have a relaxing holiday as well. Chalkidiki is just a stone’s throw away from Thessaloniki. You’ll soon get used to the laid back atmosphere and the slow rhythm of life by the beach so much so that you’ll not want to get back home!

What’s more the price of your break together with your treatment ensures you don’t have to choose good looks over a holiday, you can have both!

The quality of services and medical staff

We work with hair transplant specialists with many years of experience in the field. Your procedure takes place in a calm clean and hygienic environment. In our centres you are guaranteed a natural result and healthy hair for life. Each case is treated individually and you will have options to choose from when it comes to your treatment as well as its length and cost so that you are in control of the whole process.

Your hair transplant options

  • S.A.F.E. (Surgically Advanced Follicular Extraction) or F.U.E. : This method is the least traumatic and the most natural way of both harvesting and re-implating hair follicles. Each group of follicles is extracted using a needle like tool and then transplanted in the same way. This ensures there are no scars and no stitching involved. This allows for more accuracy and a natural result.
  • F.U.T. (strip) technique involves strip of scalp skin being surgically removed from the donor area and the edges of the wound brought together with sutures. The strip is then cut into pieces with 1 or more follicular units each and these pieces are inserted in the recipient area. This is a surgical approach which includes stitching done in such a way which minimises scaring.
  • Combination of the two techniques described above is also an option depending on each person’s situation and following a specialist’s assessment.

For your care and comfort

  • Multilingual staff
  • Easily accessible centres in Athens and Thessaloniki
  • Discuss options and proceed with what you can afford
  • Transfers available if requested
  • Various other hair loss and hair boosting treatments depending on your condition and requirements
  • Local anaesthetic to minimise the feel of pain
  • Possibility for gradual hair replacement in more than one sessions to suit your needs

How much does hair transplant cost?

As each person is different each case is assessed individually depending for example on the amount of hair implanted and the potential of each patient to have a transplant and to what extent. Pleasefill in the enquiry formfor a more detailed quote and we will get in touch with you.

Choose your destination

So take the plunge and travel to Athens a city which combines classical beauty, trendy bars and restaurants with small tavernas and the smell of jasmine along the cobbled streets of Plaka. Or go for a complete makeover indulging in shopping therapy. With a myriad of shops and malls you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Or head north to Thessaloniki filled with aromas and tastes from the east and the west. The home of a warrior saint and city of kings and emperors, with hard to beat nightlife is something of a hidden gem!

Or go for a classic holiday by the beach. A short drive away from Thessaloniki the resorts of Chalkidiki offer plenty of sun, golden beaches and turquoise waters. Taste fresh sea food and fish just caught, go for long walks by the beach or party at the numerous beach bars and clubs. There’s something for everyone here and your holiday has just started!

How to make an enquiry or booking:

We are here to help you get in touch with the relevant specialist. We will take care of all the administration, paperwork and communications and make all the necessary arrangements. You can talk to a doctor directly at any time and before you make any decisions or commit to treatment. We can then tailor make your trip and book anything from your flights and accommodation to transfers and excursions. Our flexible approach ensures you are in control of the cost.

All you need to do is fill in the enquiry formand we will take care of the rest.