Pieria Mountain Range: the Muses veranda overlooking Mount Olympus

Pieria Mountain Range: the Muses veranda overlooking Mount OlympusThe mountainous areas of Greece offer an experience like no other. Greece is much more than the beach as you escape the scorching heat and enjoy the fresh crisp mountain air. Dense forests, gorges, waterfalls and hills covered in snow during the winter months all together create a scene made truly in heaven.

Travel on high ground and admire the ever changing scenery around you. Leaving the plain of Katerini , start climbing up the twisting road to Pieria mountain range. The sights and sounds of these mountains are reputed to be so mellow, that the Muses made it their home looking towards their father’s Zeus residence, Mount Olympus, in the distance.

Get to know how farming communities live in Greece and taste dishes made only using local produce. The area is famous not only for locally produced meat but also for cheeses and for its sweats made from traditionally preserved fruit grown locally.

As the road twists and turns it reveals traditional stone built villages built around central squares where the locals socialise. Walk along forest paths feeling the crackle of the autumn leaves under your step and marvel and the gold and rust colours around you.

Take a rest at your hotel and enjoy a hot beverage or an alcoholic drink or two hearing nothing but the crackling sounds of an open fire. Katafygi the village almost below the highest peak in these mountains offers panoramic views of the plateau below and the mighty mount Olympus in the distance.

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