Look after your eyes while you go on holiday in Greece


Ever wondered what things would look like without the inconvenience of glasses or lenses? You could look after your eyes and correct your vision with laser eye surgery without having to sacrifice a holiday to have your eyes treated. A multitude of conditions can be treated in a modern, safe and excellently equipped environment. Now you can combine this with a holiday in Greece and the first thing you’ll see clearly this time is a romantic coastal city filled with aromas and unique tastes: Thessaloniki. Or you could truly appreciate the bright blue of the Greek skies and the shades or emerald and turquoise of the Aegean Sea in nearby Chalkidiki. Or visit Crete, where the local traditions and natural beauty will give you an unmatched experience.  Life doesn’t get  any better than this!

Perfect Vision

 Prefect Vision is located in the centre of Thessaloniki is an eye centre equipped with the latest technologies in laser eye surgery. The centre is also ELOT ISO 9001: 2008 certified. The friendly and excellently qualified eye surgeons will provide advice and guidance at every step of your surgery. The clinic has the capacity to treat conditions such as catarract, short vision, astigmatism and glaucoma and can treat 20 patients per day. This surely beats the waiting times you had to endure till now!

You’re in safe hands. The four ophthalmic surgeons are the heart of the medical operation at Perfect Vision. They have many years of experience in the field and have all trained both in leading Greek and European Universities (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Democritus University of Thrace, University of London, University of Munich, West Glasgow University)having received all the necessary credentials (Phd, FRCOphth, FEBOD etc.). They have also worked at large hospital units abroad such as Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, Mayday University Ophthalmology Clinic London and Edinburg Royal Infirmary. The nursing staff will ensure your safety and comfort and offer any assistance you require.

Some examples of the conditions treated and equipment:

  • Preoperative evaluation for candidates of refractive surgery. This evaluation identifies conditions of the general health and of the eyes of the individual, and involves a special apparatus and a variety of methods for example pupil measurements, pachymetry, keratometry etc.
  • Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are treated with refractive operations with two state-of-the-art Excimer lasers and the latest high-tech bladeless Lasik. All kinds of Excimer Laser refractive procedures (PRK, LASIK, LASEK and Epi-LASIK with Wavefront or Topoguided ablations) are covered.
  • Procedures for presbyopia reduction (Presbylasik, monovision etc.). These procedures are performed with the existing Excimer and Femtosecond lasers .
  • Treatment of all cases of secondary cataract, certain specific anatomic morphologies (narrow angles) which could lead to sharp glaucoma and other conditions with Yag laser
  • Treatment of the various macular degenerations and retinal disorders either with special lasers (photodynamic Laser, Argon Laser, Pascal Argon Laser) or with intravitreous and retrobulbar injections.


The Institute of Vision & Optics (IVO) is part of the University of Crete and focuses on the fields of research, training, technology development and provision of medical services.

It employs a vast array of excellently trained specialists such as ophthalmologists, doctors, opticians and optometrists, medical photographers, nursing personnel and also scientists.

The close cooperation of the aforementioned specialists under the guidance of the Center Director, Prof, I. Palikaris, who is the inventor of “LASIK”, results in IVO being in the forefront of international innovation and Translational Research in the Vision field of knowledge. Prof. I. Palikaris has been awarded numerous times for his contribution in Opthalmology worldwide, he has received the Barraquer Prize and holds the title of being the “Father of LASIK”.

IVO is constantly in the forefront of global developments in the field of Opthalmology and Vision Sciences. It offers the most recently developed diagnostic and treatment procedures worldwide with the most modern ELOT ISO 9001:2008 certified equipment.

Some details on refractive surgery and the equipment used:

The main goal of refractive surgery is to change corneal curvature by sculpting the surface using a laser beam. The outcome is the light to focus on the retina for clear vision without glasses and contact lenses. Currently there are three systems used for this purpose in IVO:

  • the Excimer laser Eye Q of Allegretto
  • the last generation Femtosecond Laser iFS and
  • the newly arrived Femtosecond Laser FS 200 HZ of Alcon Wavelight.

All are high precision lasers and able to correct the main refractive error (myopia-hyperopia-astigmatism) and the errors affecting the detail of focus (high-order aberrations).

IVO is one of the few opthalmological centers worldwide, that own and use 2 different kinds of last generation Femtosecond Laser.

For more detailed information on any of the above  please contact us using the enquiry form

For your care and comfort:

  • Highly trained multilingual staff
  • Transfer services available
  • After surgery care instructions and support provided
  • The most complete and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Special sterile room for the performance of special intravitreous injections can be made available.
  • Special operating rooms for refractive surgery with lamellar flow installation, where safe procedures are even safer.

How much does eye surgery cost?

As each person is different each case is assessed individually. Pleasefill in the enquiry formfor a detailed quote and we will get in touch with you.

Choose your holiday destination

Are you ready to discover the hidden corners of the old city of Thessaloniki, join the locals on a night out and put your credit cards in good use in the city’s trendy shops? For those history buffs amongst you, we have the very best: follow the steps of Philippos, king founder of kingdom of Macedonia, and his son Alexander the Great at the archaeological sites of Vergina and Pella and visit royal tombs and enormous palaces!

Or would you go for the sparkle of the Aegean Sea under the Greek skies in nearby Chalkidiki ? Visit Aristotle’s birthplace, Stageira, and don’t forget to get a glimpse of Mount Athos, Greece’s monastic state and home of the Virgin Mary, the only woman that has ever been allowed on it!

Or choose Crete and get to know some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Let the local traditions lure you in a fantastic journey, join local dancers and enjoy a freshly prepared meal using local produce. Meet the Kings and heroes of this land ,visit their palaces and marvel at their achievements and the bretahtaking views all around you.

How to make an enquiry or booking:

We are here to help you get in touch with the relevant specialist. We will take care of all the administration, paperwork and communications and make all the necessary arrangements. You can talk to a doctor directly at any time and before you make any decisions or commit to treatment. We can then tailor make your trip and book anything from your flights and accommodation to transfers and excursions. Our flexible approach ensures you are in control of the cost.

All you need to do is fill in the enquiry formand we will take care of the rest.

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