Kalamata: Discover unknown Greece always by the beach!

Kalamata: Discover unknown Greece always by the beach!An unknown to you coastal city bathed by the Mediterranean Sea invites you for a stroll along its promenade. You’re guaranteed not to resist dipping your toes in the clear waters. Meet the first city freed from Ottoman rule by Greek revolutionaries. This is where modern Greece was born! A land where fairytale and history intertwine, a place with lush olive groves, woven silk scarves and trading ships occupying the port in eras long gone, offers holidays with a difference.

Travel down the beach towards Pilos and another coastal town waits to welcome you. If a quiet walk by the beach is your thing then the surroundings here will not disappoint and the locals will welcome you in this picturesque port. Travel out of the town to Voidokoilia beach where the ancient king of Pilos kept his cows in a nearby cave and marvel at nature’s work. This is where things get confusing! Are you really in Greece or a more exotic destination?

Travel back towards the bay of Messinia and Kalamata and this time take the mountain route. Polilimnio waits with a myriad of waterfalls and natural lakes. For those loving couples amongst you Love’s lake is a must see! If you’re brave enough you can swim in the crystal clear waters. Travel further inland to river Neda and try rafting down the stream for an adrenaline rush.

Explore Venetian fortresses in Methoni and Koroni and hear tales of pirate ships and Knights stopping off on the way to their crusades. French princes have dotted the landscape with their castles and the Byzantine emperor has claimed the same land. Explore hundreds of medieval churches and monasteries. Take the road to the rugged and wild landscapes of Mani and walk in cobbled streets under the shade cast by fortified tower houses. Hear distant whispers of pirates and vendettas and take in the beauty of the harsh landscape…

You’ve met a part of Greece unknown to most but much loved by the locals. Get your camera ready for those holiday snaps!

A six night break costs from €480 in a double room. More accommodation options are available.

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