Improve your health and get the figure you always wanted whilst on holiday to Greece!

Bariatric surgery in GreeceAre you having problems with obesity? Do you need help losing weight fast? Let us help you look after your health and get the figure you feel comfortable with in the most relaxing way possible: on holiday to Greece. Have your family join you, so you get their support and they get a holiday in return. You’ll be able to have bariatric surgery which will help you meet your weight loss target in state of the art facilities. At the same time you’ll be looked after by a team of specialists and what’s more you get to choose the destination!

Be in the centre of it all in Athens or choose Thessaloniki where you can either shop till you drop or hit the beaches in nearby Chalkidiki. You’ll soon be showing off the new you and we can’t wait to see the result!

The quality of medical services

Bioclinic in Athens and Thessaloniki welcomes you with facilities of a very high standard and can offer complete care from diagnostic tests to your surgery and aftercare under one roof.  Bioclinic has entered the international accreditation system as a Centre of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery according to the standards set by the European Accreditation Council for Bariatric Surgery and the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders. In the clinic more than 200 bariatric procedures are performed per year. This is the highest amount of procedures for any such clinic recognised as a centre of excellence in bariatric and metabolic surgery in Europe.

The team of specialists in both locations, Athens and Thessaloniki, will make sure you receive the care you require in the safest possible environment. Both clinics are centrally located so they are easily accessible in a variety of means and local amenities will be at your door step.

Follow up care is also available to you as you will be able to keep in touch with your surgeon who will have electronic records of your medical file, as well as assist you with your weight loss plan in any possible way after your surgery. You will this way have access to the advice needed according to your particular condition. You will be enabled to submit follow up tests to your surgeon so that your safety and comfort as well as the successful management of your weight is realised.

About the medical staff

The very experienced medical staff perform over 200 bariatric operations a year. The head of our bariatric surgeons’ team has performed more than 1000 successful operations. He is a specialist in advanced laparoscopic surgery. He has served as consultant general surgeon in the Athens Hellenic Air Force 251 General Hospital and as an Honorary Registrar in St Mary’s Hospital, London. The last 10 years he is dedicated in the treatment of morbid obesity and bariatric surgery research. He is the director of the Athens Bioclinic bariatric surgical unit. Further support is provided by experienced nursing staff and other specialists required and depending on each patient’s needs.

Your surgery options

Depending on your specific condition and various other factors for example your age, your initial weight, and your diet, there are two kinds of surgery that can assist your weight loss and improve your overall condition. The overview below briefly describes your options but it does not contain a vast amount of detail. Pleasecontact usfor more information .

Laparoscopic surgery- gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve is today considered the best bariatric surgery available. It includes reducing the size of the stomach by taking away a part of it. No foreign to the body materials, such as gastric rings, are used, which reduces the possibility of complications. The operation is completed laparoscopically which means there are no cuts and major scars. The operation lasts between 50 and 80 minutes on average and you will have to stay in hospital for only three days on average. You will need to follow a special diet for four weeks after your operation before you can choose what you eat freely.

Laparoscopic Gastric Imbrication or Gastric Plication

Gastric Imbrication/Plication is an operation which works similarly to the gastric sleeve as it reduces the size of the stomach. In this case however no part of the stomach is taken away rather its size is reduced using permanent stitches. The operation is also completed laparoscopically which means there are no cuts and major scars. This type of operation is very safe and you only need to stay in hospital for 24 hours on average. The operation can be reverted and if needed the treatment can be repeated in the future. You will need to follow a special diet for four weeks after your operation before you can choose what you eat freely.

For your care and comfort

  • Experienced multilingual staff
  • State of the art medical equipment and 24 hour care for a range of specialists as your treatment takes place in a fully equipped hospital
  • No need to go elsewhere for diagnostic tests, scans etc as all the medical services your require are under one roof
  • You can choose between a single, double or triple room for your hospital stay
  • Easily accessible locations and transfer services available
  • The latest technology equipment to aid correct diagnosis and treatment
  • Follow up care and electronic submission of your test results along with assistance with your weight loss plan after surgery.

How much does bariatric surgery cost?

As each person is different each case is assessed individually. Pleasefill in the enquiry formfor a more detailed quote and we will get in touch with you.

Choose your holiday destination

Experience Athens , the birthplace of democracy and classical beauty. Walk in jasmine scented streets and watch a film in an open air cinema. Join the locals in their walk under the Acropolis and mix with the colourful crowd in open air markets.

Thessaloniki the seaside city of the north offers unforgettable walks in cobbled streets, under ancient walls and roman arches. Visit medieval churches, admire the architecture and let the locals welcome you.

There aren’t a lot of things more relaxing than lying on the golden sand of a Greek beach watching the world go by… What’s more Chalkidikis clear turquoise waters framed by pine covered hills in the background are hard to resist. You will very quickly recover your operation and start enjoying life immediately here!

How to make an enquiry or booking:

We are here to help you get in touch with the relevant specialist. We will take care of all the administration, paperwork and communications and make all the necessary arrangements. You can talk to a doctor directly at any time and before you make any decisions or commit to treatment. We can then tailor make your trip and book anything from your flights and accommodation to transfers and excursions. Our flexible approach ensures you are in control of the cost.

All you need to do is fill in the enquiry formand we will take care of the rest.

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