The Greek Islands: famous the world over offer the most varied experience of your life

SantoriniThe Greek islands is the unltimate destination even for the most seasoned travellers. After all it’s hard to not stand in awe in front of Santorini‘s volcano…  A marvel of nature where the Greek culture flourished under bright skies and the clear deep blue of the Aegean Sea, these islands will continue to lure travellers in for years to come! 

You don’t need to close your eyes to imagine classical Greece still exists and you’re standing right in the middle of it! Visit Delos with the haunted beauty of its ancient city and temples,  watch a world unfold as a boat glides into a small island harbour with colouful houses built like an amphiteatre around you, visit great monasteries and the cove where the Apocalypse was indeed written. Come back to modern times and let your gaze wonder over white washed cubic houses and blue church domes all glistening under the sun. The Cyclades in the Aegean Sea slowly reveal their beauty…

Discover hidden coves and lie in golden sandy beaches or mix with the crowds in popular party destinations and be part of their vibrant nightlife from Mykonos to the Ionian Sea islands of Corfu and Zante. Enjoy locally produced food and just caught sea food, wine and of course ouzo sitting in a taverna by the beach.  Take in the aromas while you walk through olive groves, orchards and hillsides covered in wildflowers and herbs. For the most energetic amongst you hiking through beatiful gorges and mountain biking on forested trails is also on offer if you head to the North Aegean!  Watch dolphins play in the clear waters as well as seals and sea turtles all enjoying a free roam of the seas around the Sporades.

Escape the hustle and bustle of Athens. Only a short boat trip away, a new world lies, where you can take a stroll amongst traditional captains houses in traffic free streets, hear stories of revolutionaries and naval battles, and climb at the top of a hill to visit a temple dedicated to Athena. Sit back, take in the view and the slow pace of life in the islands of the Saronic Gulf… Too much choice? 

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