Thessaloniki: Get seduced by the charms of the city of emperors. Welcome to the North!

Get seduced by the charms of the city of emperors: Thessaloniki welcomes you to the North!The northern edge of Greece with its imperial coastal city invites you to admire its beauty. Presenting the best between the east and west, Thessaloniki is a mixture of elegance, culture, romance and contemporary style. The old city towers above the contemporary urban sprawl below and offers the ideal mixture of sea views and a trip down memory lane through cobbled streets, quiet squares, and tall houses with traditional tiled roofs and tavernas.

Pause for a moment before you stroll down the hill by the city’s ancient walls and taste traditional cuisine, let the warmth of the locals envelop you and take in the atmosphere. Walk under roman arches, visit byzantine churches, meet a warrior saint and hear the tales of him saving the city, get to know a Byzantine emperor and learn about the greatest king of them all: Alexander the Great. You are after all near his birthplace!

Get back to the present and indulge into shopping therapy with a difference! From open and covered food markets to department stores, high street brands and individual shops there is something for everyone. All of this is easily accessible and around the gorgeous Aristotelous Square leading to the sea. Take the weight of your feet after a day’s shopping safari in one of the city’s many trendy cafes and watch the world go by…

With so much to do in the evening you’ll need a rest before you head off to Ladadika for quality entertainment the Greek way! The city never sleeps and the locals will party with you till dawn. Finish the night off with a sweet treat at Chantzis’ or Loxandra’s, the best you’ve ever tasted!

A three night city break costs from €263 in a four star hotel. More accommodation options are available.

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